security systems leading to unthinkable 9-11 tragedies and empty planes in the skies.

Accidental Entry – Airport Security

People sometimes penetrate airport security by accident. For example, three boys on a sail boat wound up a runway at JFK airport. The intrusion led to upgraded airport Security regulations and enhanced perimeter security equipment. Yet, intrusion by innocent people is an every day occurrence for airports despite advanced perimeter security measures.

Airport Concourse – Security Systems

Concourse security focuses most of its attention on screening processes while perimeter security deal with threats beyond the airport terminal. Perimeter Security is vital as some airports may be protected by tall fences designed to keep out intruders. Security Systems for airports on the East and West Coasts have marine borders with large open areas. The airport’s perimeter security relies on a combination of patrols by the coast guard, dogs and high tech Perimeter Security systems.

Armed Guards – Perimeter Security

Do armed guarded enhance airport Perimeter Security? The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) adopted an on-line baggage

screening to speed up boarding time. They also created a elite police force armed with machine guns as seen in European

airports. Their role combines both perimeter security and airport Security roles in the event airport security is breached. While checking carry-on luggage, they also screen travelers for suspicious behavior.

Technology – Perimeter Security

The best hope for assuring airport security is the one least talked about – the companies and technology airports implement

security-based technology for maintaining a safe and secure airport. These include iris recognition, facial recognition, ID

validation, fingerprint biometrics and others. Just as important is technology that verifies suspicious activity that does

not pose what is not a viable threat. For example, thermal-imaging surveillance that provides real-time security perimeter

data to airport personnel.

CCTV systems – Security Systems

For years, airports have used CCTV systems manned by people watching large banks of monitors. While still a component of

airport security system, the CCGTV systems have been upgraded b y new components and new analysis techniques. The “alarm”

triggered may be audible or configured to speak the warning. Experts know “Cameras data don’t stop intruders. People stop

intruders”. CCTV systems offer enhanced perimeter security to protect airports from Accidental Entry.

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