For example, big, beefy cruiser motorcycles-popularized nearly 40 years ago by the cult classic “Easy Rider”-now make up more than half of the on-highway motorcycle market.

You don’t have to hang with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper to embrace the cruiser lifestyle. Cruisers come in small-to-large displacements and in a vast array of designs. So, with cruisers catering to all types of riders and skill levels, how do you choose your own perfect ride?

To thine own self be true. Choose a cruiser that matches your personality. Does the bike reflect your nature? Is it flashy and chrome-coated, with a one-off paint scheme, or is it flat-black, low-slung and flying under the radar? Is it ready for road-trip adventures with a windshield and saddlebags, or is it low, lean and stylish and ready for Main Street? All of these traits help determine your bike’s “personality.”

Suzuki helps in the selection process by making its Boulevard cruiser line available in three “classes”: the stylish “S” models, the classic “C” models and the more muscular “M” models. Choose what suits you best!

Go high-tech. Loaded with high-tech features that complement your ride, today’s cruisers are all about handling and performance.

For example, Suzuki’s Boulevard engines borrow fuel-injection technology from the championship-winning GSX-R sportbike. When looking at a cruiser, consider characteristics such as engine size and design, suspension components and braking technology.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. As stylish as cruisers are from the factory, no self-respecting buyer would miss a chance to accentuate with accessories such as passenger seats, saddlebags and custom windshields. Showing off your individual style is easy when you’re riding a cruiser.

Price matters. You don’t have to break the bank just to get out and enjoy some time on the road. Cruisers run the full gamut when it comes to cost.

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